[Argentina / Chile]

Digital video

3:53 minutes

Músic: Matías García


Video made thanks to the INVE Residence Grant, Proceso de Error 2018 (Valparaíso, Chile)

Between 2017 and 2018 I traveled twice to Chile from Buenos Aires. On these two trips I made a lot of records, in the form of drawings in my travel notebook, photos and videos. Taking up the idea of a 'travel book', I make this video where I take the drawings, photos and notes made during the trips to turn them into an animated video, accompanying the song 'Heredarás el viento' by Matías García. 

Exhibitions: Festival INVE – Proceso de Error 2018 (Valparaíso, Chile), Festival de Cine de Rosario 2018 (Rosario, Argentina), Patio de Salvataje 2018 (CC Recoleta, Buenos Aires), Festival de Cine de Montaña 2018 (Ushuaia, Argentina), Eneagrama 2018 (Córdoba, Argentina), Festival Animal 2019 (Rosario Argentina), Anima Latina 2018 (CABA, Buenos Aires), Festival Cartón 2018 (CABA, Buenos Aires), Panamá Animation Fest 2018 (Ciudad de Panamá), Video Babel 2018 (Perú), II Encuentro Internacional de Video 2019 (Casa Umbral, Buenos Aires), Cine de Artistas 2019 (Fundación OSDE,  Buenos Aires