ID PHOTO / 5.418528796 E+2639

Measurements: variable

Digital program that randomly reorders the pixels that make up the ID photo of my university diploma in 32x32 pixels, once every second. The title corresponds to the number of years that it would take for the original image of my face to form statistically, for one second.

"If thou should stlive three thousand, or as many as ten thousands of years, yet remember this, that man can part with no life properly, save with that little part of life, which he now lives: and that which he lives, is no other, than that which at every instant he parts with. That then which is longest of duration, and that which is shortest, come both to one effect. or although in regard of that which is already past there maybe some inequality, yet that time which is now present and in being, is equal unto all men."

(Meditations, Marcus Aurelius)