Untitled (brick)


-44.32310913752188, -5.635904751041553

Remnants of history drift 


As I woke up, the sky was still dark

Touch II

An imprecise memory, of a fact or an image, comes to my mind

Der Geier

Until I remember a dream I had before

Earth is a liquid ball


ID photo / 5.418528796 E + 2639

You should have been there

Untitled (stairs)

To measure time

User Manual

To make a hole

Water and landmarks (performance)

Water and landmarks (installation)

Touch I


Untitled (hammers)

Inherit the wind

Forniture / Mobile

Untitled (blancket)

Can you take care of this for me?

Story III

Meet me at the bottom

From that time

Waiting I


Art make us souspicious