35 x 60 x 60 cm

ceramic, wood, mirror

“This was precisely Bergson's complaint: you cannot represent time because you cannot fix it. It is a flow, that is to say, indivisible continuity in permanent change. That is why the cinema is the typical example of false movement. (...), since its mechanism also consists of interrupting the natural development of an event.

What is real - says Bergson - is change; the form is a deceptive arrest of what is passing. That's because our perception can only produce discontinuous images of what is actually fluid."

(A philosophical toy store - David Oubiña)

A work that tries to be a link between sculpture and animation, between virtual movement and real movement. Using the base of a praxinoscope, an old pre-cinema animation element, it is questioned about the virtual movement that is formed in the mirrors like screens.

The real movement, only functional to the machine to generate the virtual movement, the appearance of movement of 16 static statuettes, which at the same time is presented to us in the form of a record, a video, once again gaining ground for the virtual.