[performance in public sphere] 

Kinetic sculpture / liquid archeology

Kinetic sculpture made with Erika Ortiz Díaz and Aldana Olivello. Exhibited at CC Recoleta, as a joint part of a homonymous performative pedaling that was carried out during the time of the exhibition.

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As part of the artistic project Pedalúdico, in charge of Fabián Wagmister (professor at UCLA and founding director of REMAP), we ideated and created a performative bike riding on the he public space of Buenos Aires City, influenced by the Situationism concept of dérive (Guy Debord).

Together with two artists from Chaco and Bogotá, we conceived and made ‘El agua y los hitos [Water And Landmarks]’ which central axis was the movement around different water strata of Buenos Aires City (fountains, buried streams, buildings related to the water infrastructure, etc.) culminating on the Rio de La Plata coast. 

During the performance, we stopped three times to create small collective structures called ‘apachetas’, a quechua word for a pile of rocks to signal a territory. The rocks were previously collected from Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. They come from the debris of dozens of blocks that were expropriated and demolished in the 80s by the military dictatorship called ‘National Reorganization Process” and then put them on the coast of the river in order to expand the available land and develop real estate businesses.  

Our action consisted in giving these rocks back to Buenos Aires city, as a collective symbolic gesture that returned to the city what once was taken away. 

Made within the framework of the Pedaludic Lab of the Biennial of Young Art.

Exhibited at CC Recoleta at the Biennial of Young Art (September / October 2017).

The Sculpture made based on this performance was also exhibited in:

- Milion in the exhibition 'Come in and close the door' within the framework of the Electronic November (November 2018)

- Permanent exhibition and heritage work of CheLA (Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano).