Lenght: 1:42 min

Digital video, analog photgraphy, CGI, stop motion

[Argentina, Japan, Chile]

Script and Image: Santiago Colombo Migliorero

Sound: Aldana Bit

Script and Image: Santiago Colombo

Film of the final shot: unknow author, found footage

With the support of INVE

"We dream in order to forget [...] attempting to remember one's dreams should perhaps not be encouraged, because such remembering may help to retain patterns of thought wich are better forgotten. There are the very patterns the organism was attempting to damp down"

(The function of dream sleep (1983), Francis Crick & Greame Mitchison)

We don't have direct access to our dreams. We only access them through our memory, which in the vigil we remember. Here we add narration and meaning to what was, in the first instance, multiple and simultaneous. The images and evocations become significant. What was once transformed. The primary reference is lost and the memories are modified as new ones appear.

Exhibitions: Festival INVE – Proceso de Error 2019 [Valparaíso, Chile]; Video Raymi, Festival Internacional de Videoarte [Cusco, Perú]; ULTRAcinema, Cine Experimental y de Found Footage [Oaxaca, México], Fragmentum Cinema [Santiago, Chile], Festival de Diseño Audiovisual Experimental [Valdivia, Chile], Festivau De C4nn3$ [Massapê Projetos, Sao Paulo], FIVA [Buenos Aires, Argentina] Visión expandida - Panorama Platense [La Plata, Argentina], ALC videoart festival [Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante, España], Proyector'20 [Madrid, España], Arkino [Cineteca Nacional, México], Bogotá Experimental Film Festival [Bogotá, Colombia], Premio UADE Artes Visuales [UADE, Buenos Aires], Ciclo Cine de Artistas [Fundación OSDE, Buenos Aires], CODEC/Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y Vídeo [México DF], First Time Filmmakers Sessions [Lift-off Global Network, Inglaterra], , Video Bardo [CC San Martin, Argentina], Bad Video Art Festival [Bomba Gallery, Moscú, Rusia], Paadmaan Video Event [Tehran, Irán], AND Fair [Bogotá, Colombia], Fedax Valdivia [Valdivia, Chile], Ficma [México DF, México], FLUX CLUB 2022 [Barcelona, España], Semana de las Artes [Quilmes, Argentina], Le Instants Video [France], Sarna Festival de Artistas Disidentes [Antofagasta, Chile], Videoclub 12th [Berlín], The living gallery [New York]