Video / Installation

Proyecto realizado en el marco de la Residencia Irudika [Vitoria-Gasteiz / Bilbao / Angoulême] con el apoyo de Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa, Maison des Auteurs de la Bande Cité, Acción Cultural Española y Fundazioa Vital.

Sound: Aldana Bit

Walkers is an installation animation piece that condenses my transit through the Maison des Auteurs and BilbaoArte Fundazioa in the Irudika Residence, focusing on the process, the space and the materiality as an intrinsic part of the work. A series of characters, based on personal experiences, sequentially and fleetingly cross the screen, giving an account of my own transit through the residence.

I worked with 500 A5 sheets to make an animated video of 41.6 seconds duration; incorporating the margins of the paper, the animation register and the 'behind the scenes' where the photographs were taken; including what is usually left aside in the animation, giving a central place to the matter and showing the spaces of different shop windows and walls of Bilbao and Angoulême, as a parallel story that accompanies and gives strength to the walk of the drawings.

For the exhibition, the 500 drawings were exhibited alongside the video, arranged in a grid, occupying a surface of 12.4m x 1.68m. The two months of residence were translated into 500 drawings, which were condensed into 41.6 seconds of video, which in turn were displayed in 21m2.

Various materials on paper

1240cm x 168cm [500 sheets of paper 23cm x 15cm each]